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JBM Products as

JBM Products as is a Norwegian manufacturer of custom made sheet metal products. We work with all types of sheet metals in small and moderate quantities.

We operate from modern office and production facilities located at Klepp Stasjon close to Stavanger. JBM Products as is operated by locals with a wide technical knowledge and experience in laser cutting, bending, mounting, welding, documentation and product design.

Our mission is is to deliver high-quality and and cost-effective solutions on time. Our vision is to produce smart and easy solutions for you as a client. We have iht NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

We do following services:

Laser cutting

We can laser cut most metals.

We have a punch machine equipped with a wide range of tools.

We have extensive experience in sheet metal products.
We have qualified and experienced welders for development and serial production.
Staining (acidization)
Powder coating varnish
Wet varnish
We build ready mechanical units, cabinets and racks for various installations etc.



JBM Products as - Org nr 991 002 642 mva - Postal address: Postbox 523, 4357 Klepp Stasjon, Norway, Visiting address: Orstadveien 132A, 4353 Klepp Stasjon, Norway