About us – JBM Products as

In 2007, the company became its own limited company, under the name of Weldservice AS. Changed name to JBM Products as in mid-2008. JBM first stood for “Johansen Bakken Meling”, but now it is only the main reasons Roger Johansen left of these 3, and JBM is renamed “Johansen Best Metal”.

“Manufacturer of custom made sheet metal products”

Our skilful and qualified staff have extensive experience of designing and implementing new efficient and reliable solutions in collaboration with our clients. If you as a client have an idea about an off/on-shore product, we can design and develop the idea for you.

Our rental production is performed mainly in our workshop, but also externally. We have a CNC laser cutter and bending machine. Our welders are certified within a wide range of methods
and materials, mainly the combination of Tig & Stainless thin material.

We have a DMV approved procedure on TIG/MIG and MAG welding of aluminium and 316, iht NS-EN 15614-1. We are certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2015.

If You choose us as your supplier, we make sure to provide You high-quality and cost-effective products on time. We really hope that this may be of interest and are looking forward to hear from you.